Historically, natural fancy colored diamonds not only maintain their price on the open market, but show an escalation unmatched by other investment options. And now, stresses in the global economy are pushing diamond prices to record heights. When global markets are unstable, capital is often moved into hard assets to preserve value. Exceptional white diamonds and natural colored diamonds are considered as hard assets by astute investors.
Intense Yellow:

The 132.55 carat golden empress intense yellow diamond is the centre piece diamond in the golden empress necklace. The diamond was found in Lesotho and weighed 299 carats in it’s rough form. It was purchased by Laurence Graff of Graff diamonds and its value is yet to be ascertained!

Fancy Purplish Red:

The most famous Brazilian red diamond, a 0.95 ct. “fancy purplish red” was purchased in 1956 for $13 500. It was sold at Christie’s in 1987 for $880 000 or $926 000 per carat.
Fancy Red/Vs:

A 1.9 carat fancy red/vs was sold at a Phillips’ auction for $1,652,500 or $860,677 per carat.

Vivid Pink:

A 8.41 carat fancy vivid pink diamond was sold by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong for a record $17 770 000 in 2014.

Fancy Intense Blue:

Christies “New York jewels” auction sold 167 lots for a total of $11,367,875. The most expensive lot was a 6.29ct pear shaped, internally flawless, fancy intense blue for $3,554,500 or $565 000 per carat.