The apprentice programme, developed by Sivana Diamonds and Sid Forman Manufacturing Jewellers, is a unique initiative which focuses on skills and design training. This programme trains a number of students annually with the aim to create a new generation of master craftsman as a means of creating a new post-apartheid South Africa. Experts in the trade work closely with the students, shaping their raw talent into true brilliance. This training can take between 2 – 5 years, and thus demands long-term commitment in both the art of craftsmanship and the future of the student.


The programme has specific modules, whereby the trainees are taught, assessed and guided in the world of jewellery making. Such elements are multi-faceted and thus offer students to learn aspects of our business such as:   


The Art of Design

CAD and modern day technology

How to craft handmade pieces

Evaluation of materials (including metals, gemstones and diamond grading)

Sales and Marketing

Business Skills

    Our aim is to provide learners with the necessary skills to develop their talents as well as to equip them with the needed business knowledge to become entrepreneurs in the jewellery industry. It not only contributes to changing the lives of South African youth but also caters for those with disabilities. Thus, having an impact on the future of South Africans and the lives that are to follow, in the spirit of true transformation. This joint venture excites us immensely and fills us with extreme pride as we take part in ensuring South African jewellery designers are recognized worldwide.


    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

    - Nelson Mandela.


     Download our Curriculum HERE!